Board of Directors

Hesham M. Gad
Chairman of the Board
Hesham Gad has been Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors since March 2012, a director of the Company since October 2010, and President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company since May 20, 2014. Mr. Gad is also the Chairman and CEO of SED International Holdings, Inc. (OTC: SEDN). Paragon is the largest shareholder in SED. Mr. Gad is the founder and managing partner of Gad Partners Fund, a value oriented investment partnership launched in 2007, modeled after the 1950’s Buffett Partnerships and based in Athens, GA. Mr. Gad has over 13 years of investment and business management experience. From 2006 to 2007, while earning his MBA, Mr. Gad worked as a freelance securities analyst for UAS Asset Management, a boutique value investment firm in New York City. Mr. Gad is also the author of the internationally published book, “The Business of Value Investing.” Mr. Gad holds a B.A. in finance and an MBA in finance from the University of Georgia.

Jack H. Jacobs
Board Member
Jack Jacobs has been a principal of The Fitzroy Group, Ltd., a firm that specializes in the development of residential real estate in London and invests both for its own account and in joint ventures with other institutions, for the past six years. He has held the McDermott Chair of Politics at West Point since 2005 and has served as an NBC military analyst since 2002. Mr. Jacobs was a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of AutoFinance Group Inc., one of the firms to pioneer the securitization of debt instruments, from 1988 to 1989; the firm was subsequently sold to KeyBank. He was a Managing Director of Bankers Trust Corporation, a diversified financial institution and investment bank, where he ran foreign exchange options worldwide and was a partner in the institutional hedge fund business. He retired in 1996 to pursue investments.

Mr. Jacobs’ military career included two tours of duty in Vietnam where he was among the most highly decorated soldiers, earning three Bronze Stars, two Silver Stars and the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest combat decoration. He retired from active military duty as a Colonel in 1987. Since January 2007, Mr. Jacobs has served as a member of the Board of Directors of Xedar Corporation, a public company. Mr. Jacobs is also a director of Cybercore and PCubed. Mr. Jacobs received a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s degree from Rutgers University.

Samuel S. Weiser
Board Member, Audit Committee Chairman
Samuel S. Weiser is currently President and CEO of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRXI). Mr. Weiser served as a member and Chief Operating Officer of Sellers Capital LLC, an investment management firm, from 2007 to 2010 and remains a member in the firm. From 2005 to 2007, he was a Managing Director responsible for the Hedge Fund Consulting Group within Citigroup Inc.’s Global Prime Brokerage Division. From 2002 to April 2005, he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Foxdale Management, LLC, a consulting firm founded by Mr. Weiser that provided operational consulting to hedge funds and litigation support services in hedge fund related securities disputes. Mr. Weiser also served as Chairman of the Managed Funds Association, a lobbying organization for the hedge fund industry, from 2001 to 2003. Mr. Weiser is a former partner in Ernst and Young. He received his B.A. in Economics from Colby College and a M.A. in Accounting from George Washington University.

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